Ewedu Elegusi Soup: How to Cook Ewedu Elegusi (Simple Steps)

Ewedu Elegusi Served with hot Amala
Hello everyone and welcome back today I share how to make Ewedu Elegusi soup.

Cooking Ewedu Elegusi is a popular Nigerian dish, owned and mostly cooked by One of the biggest tribe in Nigeria popularly known as the Yorubas.

This meal is very sweet so if you don’t eat it, please change your mind or think about it.

Ewedu Leaves and Egusi seeds

Before diving into how to cook Ewedu Elegusi, we need to first of all introduce these two recipes to you and what they are;

What is Ewedu and Egusi

Ewedu, also known as Jute leaves, is a leafy green vegetable with a slimy texture, it’s commonly used to prepare Ewedu Soup. It’s known for its nutritional value and is often served as a side dish with various Nigerian swallows.

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Egusi, on the other hand, refers to melon seeds. They are usually ground into a fine powder and used as a base for soups and stews. Egusi soup is a popular Nigerian dish made by combining ground Egusi seeds with other ingredients like vegetables, meat, or fish. It has a rich, nutty flavor and is often enjoyed with fufu or other starchy sides.

Here are basic recipes or ingredients and instructions to get you started:


  • Ewedu (Jute leaves)
  • Egusi (Melon seeds)
  • Locust Beans (iru)
  • Potash (Kaun)
  • Mashing Broom (IjabĂ©)
  • Salt Seasoning
  • Seasoning cubes (Maggi)
  • Pepper
  • Water


1. Prepare the Ewedu Leaves:

– Pick and wash the Ewedu Leaves thoroughly in a clean cold water to get rid of sand and dust.
– While picking try to remove any tough stems and cut the leaves into smaller pieces.

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2. Boil the Ewedu:

– Add the Ewedu leaves in a pot with enough water to cover them.
– Boil for about 5-7 minutes until the leaves are soft and flexible.
– Use your Mashing broom (Ijabe) to blend the ewedu leaves in the pot until it leaves are broken into tiny or smaller pieces.
– You can add your Potash (Kaun) to it if you want it to draw very well and mixed everything together.

3. Grind the Egusi:

– Grind the Egusi seeds into a fine powder using a dry mill or coffee grinder and pour it inside a clean bowl for later use.

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grinded egusi (melon seeds)

4. Combine the Ewedu with Egusi:

– Combine the boiled blended/mashed Ewedu with the Egusi paste.
– Add little water and stir until the desired result is given.
– Season with pepper, salt, and seasoning cubes to taste.
– Simmer for a few minutes while stirring to ensure the ingredients are well mixed.

5. Serve and Enjoy your meal:

– Your Ewedu Elegusi soup is ready to be served with stew. It is typically served with a Nigerian swallow like Amala, Eba, Wheat, Pupuru, Lafun, Poundo or Semo.

Ewedu Elegusi Served with hot Amala

Enjoy your Ewedu Elegusi soup! You can also add other ingredients like meat or fish for extra flavor if you like.

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